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       當今越來越多的人希望在城市中重現大自然的美景。在這種趨勢的影響下,山石作為造園的素材被重視并大力推廣。利用山石來創造優美的景觀,滿足人類對生活美自然美的追求,使得人與自然和諧共生,這也就是在當今社會山石造景的重要意義。在園林庭院內使用可增添生機活力。不同形狀,不同大小,不同色彩的石頭點綴在庭院或草坪內是一道亮麗的風景。Today more and more people want to recreate the beauty of the nature in the city. Under the influence of this trend, the rock as the landscape material be attach importance to and vigorously promoted. Use rocks to create a beautiful landscape, satisfy human pursuit of life the beauty of nature, the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, which is the significance of landscape stone in today's society. Used in garden landscape stone add vitality. Different shape, different size, different color stones in the garden or lawn ornament is a beautiful scenery.


景觀石配座是奇石文明的重要內容和外在體現。比來發現奇石商場和玩家越來越考究此道。景觀石底座的原料趨于高級,方式趨于高雅,意韻趨于深重,給人以激烈的藝術美感。由此,我對奇石配座的知道也在不斷深化。今天我們就來說說座的功用和配的竅門。Landscape stone distribution is an important content of stone civilization and external embodiment. Ratios found stone mall and the player is more and more fastidious. Landscape stone base materials tend to be more advanced, tend to be more elegant, picturesque tend to be deep, give a person with intense artistic aesthetic feeling. As a result, I am also in the stone with a know continued to deepen. Today we speak of a function and tips.一、座的功用A red, the function of俗話說,人靠衣裳馬靠鞍。大凡玩景觀石的,都喜愛給奇石配座。那么座的功用是什么呢?扼要地說是三個詞:托石、襯題、補缺。As the saying goes, people rely on clothes horse saddle. \A play landscape stone, all love to stone to match. So what is the block's function? Briefly say three words: rock, lining and fill a vacancy.1、襯題1, the lining problem每塊奇石必定被賦予必定的主題,尤其是有的奇石主題隱晦,更需求底座來烘襯。這種烘襯是對奇石主題的提醒和強化。比方蓮花底座,肯定是對觀音之類菩薩體裁的注解;云紋、水波紋的點綴無疑暗示了天空和水面的天然環境等等The subject of each stone must be given must, especially some obscure stone themes, more demand base to carbonado line. The carbonado line is reminded of stone theme and reinforcement. Such as lotus base, such as guanyin bodhisattva expatiation is certainly the annotations; The ornament of moire, water ripple clearly hinted at the sky and the water of the natural environment and so on2、托石2, stone景觀石形狀萬千,為了使其按欣賞者的欣賞視點放置起來,就有必要靠座托舉。座要根據奇石的天然形狀和咱們的欣賞視點,經鑿、鋸、雕等技術,保證把奇石托得保險。Landscape stone shape, in order to make it according to the appreciation appreciation viewpoints put up, it is necessary to rely on a lift. According to the natural shape of stone and let's appreciate the point of view, the chisel, saw, carving and other technology, guarantee the stone to insurance.3、補缺3, fill a vacancy奇石不免有缺點、缺乏,尤其是具象的景觀石,部分傳神而又有部分缺憾,配座時或經過點綴或增加必要的附件,使奇石顯得完好和完滿。許多情況下,是對具象的奇石配以頭或足,或是非有必要的特征。但要防止過多的點綴,反而會感受弄巧成拙,索然寡味。Stone unavoidable disadvantages, lack of, especially the representational landscape stone, some vivid and has some defects, with or after ornament or increase the necessary accessories, make the stone appears in good condition and fullness. In many cases, it is the representational stone with the head or foot, or are necessary features. But to prevent excessive ornament, it will feel the self-defeating, turgid.二、配的竅門Second, the tips給奇石配座有其規則和根本的準則。其中有竅門的成分,更是藝術的掌握。要害要在實踐中探索總結。我的體會是:For stone and has its own rules and fundamental principles. There are tricks, but also the master of art. The key to explore in practice. My experience is:1、視角要精確1, the Angle of view to accurately景觀石擺放的視點有有橫置,豎置,倒置,斜置等等,不論怎么,其正面視角應反映奇石的亮點和精彩層面,尤其是外型石,正確的視角有必要展現其動感態勢和聲色神韻。因而,視角要在重復觀摩后定位精確。Landscape stone put of viewpoints have transverse, vertical, inversion, oblique and so on, no matter how, the positive perspective should reflect the bright stone and brilliant level, especially the exterior stone, right Angle of view it is necessary to reveal its dynamic posture and debauchery verve. Therefore, to precise position after repeated viewing perspective.2、賓首要清楚2, guest first clear景觀石與座,石是主,是鑒賞的首要目標,座為賓,處于副角和隸屬的方位。座的高矮、長短、款式和顏色比照等,都應“贊同”奇石,杰出景觀石的主體位置,切不可舍本求末,喧賓奪主。And city landscape stone, the stone is the master, is the first target of appreciation, for guest, in a pair of Angle and azimuth. Seat height, length, style and color comparison, etc., should be \yes\ stone, outstanding landscape stone's main body position, must not trifles, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.3、特性要顯著3, features is significant座的特性要依石和鑒賞者的需求來定,盡量防止千人一面,力求賦有構思和特性。或古拙或亮麗,或深重或明快,突顯顯著的特性特征。通常來講,座與石的藝術特性大概是共同的。如此,才干有利于奇石著作顯著藝術特性的構成。比方,就其點綴紋樣的特性來說,我國歷代的特性與特色顯著:新石器時代的純粹樸素;奴隸社會的奧秘和威儀;封建社會前期的戰國與秦國,寫實傾向鼓起,由精密轉為宏偉;漢代的凝重;魏晉南北朝,強健,剛毅而質樸,受釋教影響嚴峻;隋唐時期,具有飽滿綺麗與雍容大度的風貌;兩宋高雅秀美,柔美簡練;元代的粗大健壯豪宕;明代的寬厚;清代的纖巧。Seat features depending on the needs of stone and appreciators, as far as possible to prevent collection, possesses the conception and characteristics. Like bright, or deep or bright, highlighting significant characteristic features. Generally speaking, with stone art is probably the most common features. So, the ability to stone works show the art characteristics. For example, in terms of the patterns of the ornament characteristics, the characteristics and features of significant: in the past dynasties neolithic pure plain; The mystery of the slave society and dignity; The early stage of the feudal society of the warring states period and qin, realistic tendency, from precision to grand; The han dynasty dignified; Wei jin southern and northern dynasties, strong, resolute and unpretentious, affected by shakyamuni severe; Sui and tang dynasties, beautiful and generous paved with full style; Two song elegant beautiful, gentle concise; The bulky robust hao yuan dynasty down; In the Ming dynasty generous; Slim and qing dynasty.4、做工要精密4, to sophisticated craftsmanship比方雕飾生動流通,細節改變靈敏,色澤均衡共同等。顯現座的尊貴高雅。Vulture act the role ofing circulation of vivid details, for example change sensitivity, color balance together, etc. Show a noble elegance.5、形體要匹配5, form to match座的體量和外型,應根據奇石這個主體形象的形狀特征和體量來選配。要做到份額調和,款式調和,匹配得當。通常情況下,石與座的份額,以根本契合黃金分割率為準則。有一種觀念,我以為能夠學習,就是以表面特征附近為根據把奇石劃分紅三大類,然后以“黃金律”來斷定奇石與底座的高矮份額關系:Size and shape, should be according to the stone from the size and the shape of the main image characteristic matching. To do share harmonic, harmonic style, match properly. Typically, stone and share, to basic agree with golden ratio as the criteria. Have a kind of idea, I thought that can learn, according to divide the stone on the near surface features red three categories, and then to \golden rule\ to conclude that stone and the height of the base share relationships:① 山形景觀石:座高與石高的“黃金比”,取近似值,座為2、石宜3,即2:3,以顯石之“慎重而宏偉”。Landscape stone: (1) the yamagata tall high \golden ratio\ with stone, the approximation, for 2, 3, Shi Yi 2:3, namely to show \carefully and grand\ of the stone.②  雕塑型動物人物象形景觀石:座高與石高的“黃金比”,取近似值,座宜3、石為2,即3:2,以顯石之“活潑生動”。㈢卵形石(包含雅石、禪意石):座高與石高的“黃金比”,取規范值,座宜1、石為1.618,即1:1.618,若以整數表明,就是以顯石之“調和天然”,如今還盛行一種做法是,為了更顯現奇石的尊貴,往往在座的下部再配以架,有的簡稱架座,高足為架,短足為座。據我調查,架座之中,座以烘托主題為主,架以造勢為主,但全體仍是要根據奇石本身的形體來斷定適宜的架座。(2) animal sculpture character pictographic landscape stone: high high \golden ratio\ with stone, the approximation, a appropriate to 2, 3, stone 3:2, namely to show \lively\ of the stone. An oval stone (contain stone, stone of zen) : high and high stone \golden ratio\, take the standard value, should be 1, stone is 1.618, that is, 618, if the integer indicates that is to show it with \natural\ of the stone is now popular a kind of practice, in order to show the dignity of stone, often present the lower part of the combined with frame, some pedestal for short, best for wearing, short enough to seat. According to my investigation, plane seat, seat is given priority to with foil theme, give priority to in order to promote, but all is according to the form of stone itself to determine appropriate pedestal.6、顏色要調和6, color to reconcile座與石的顏色配比,要天然、調和,構成共同的風格。通常而言,以深淺示輕重,座為深色,在視覺上構成慎重感;以色差求改變,色差構成比照但適中,比方有的石種顏色艷麗,配座就應顏色單一素雅,既要防止石與座渾然一色,主體不杰出,也要防止顏色比照激烈,過于紛亂,使人目不暇接。And the ratio of the color of the stone, to natural, harmonic, constitute a common style. Weight, generally speaking, in depth and shown for dark, constitute a cautious sense on the vision; To change color and color components in the medium, for example, some kinds of color is gorgeous, with a single color should be simple but elegant, both to prevent stone and the base color, main body is not outstanding, also to prevent color comparison is intense, too chaos, make person too many things to see.7、意韻要符合7 and brush to conform to景觀石是天然的藝術品,座為人工藝術品。座石合一,大概成為感染力更強的藝術品。無論是涵義,仍是神韻,座都要與石靠近、符合,使其全體的形象更完滿,內在更深邃,蘊意更生動,神韻更豐厚,主題更顯著。            Landscape stone is a natural art, for the human art. A stone, probably become stronger appeal of art. Whether it's meaning, is still the verve, seat is near, conform to with stone, the image makes it all the more complete, more deep, inner information more vivid, more generous verve, theme is more significant.8、紋飾要照應8, grain to look after在座上雕琢紋飾,是對奇石欣賞主題的提醒和強化,但紋飾的內在涵義有必要與奇石本身的形狀肌理和主題相照應,切忌僵硬搬抄,方枘圓鑿。這里所指紋飾的含義首要是指約定俗成的傳統含義。比如:蜘蛛表明喜慶;百壽圖,松鶴延年等表明長命;蓮花表明純真;鴛鴦表明和睦;牡丹表明富麗;蝙蝠表明美好;一往無前,立刻安全,表明安全;連錢,金錠,肥豬等表明發財;鳥表明日;兔表明月;魚表明余等等。Carved on present decoration, of stone appreciation theme is to remind and strengthening, but the grain of the inherent meaning is necessary and the shape of the stone itself skin texture and theme that fit, rigid moving copy of avoid by all means, a square peg in a round hole. Here refers to the meaning of grain first refers to the established traditional meaning. For example: spider that festival; The life of figure, such as pine crane live that long life; Lotus that is pure; Yuanyang show harmony; Peony show richly; The bat shows that good; Walk the line, immediately security, show that security; Even money, gold bullion, pig, etc that become rich; The bird shows that day; Rabbit showed that month; Fish that yu and so on.